E Toys Technology Enterprise is a company with passion and determinations to seek for the best learning method and educational product, which are able to guide your children to achieve excellent results in education, cultivate good habits and behaviours with a fun learning way.

We are honour to be appointed as the sole distributor of Super E - Teacher Electronic Reading Pen (好学宝) in Malaysia. The Super E - Teacher Electronic Reading Pen is a learning tool specially designed to focus on early development for children’s left and right brain, which includes language learning, pronounciation and interactive learning.

Our collections of audio series are interesting with colourful pictures, interactive stories, workbook exercises and games that challenge and stimulate the learning desire of young children. All products are specially designed and in coordination with the educational system of Malaysia.

The Super E - Teacher Electronic Reading Pen makes the entire learning process full of fun. With an ever-expanding library of unique books with audio sound and other fun learning materials, it definitely gives your child an ideal head start in early education.

We aimed to give value added services and products to every parent by offering the best educational materials with reasonable pricing.

Your satisfaction is our guarantee! Let’s spread the joy of learning with our Super E- Teacher Electronic Reading Pen to all the children.