• How do I know the Super ET / Hao Xue Bao reading pen that I purchased is the genuine one?

    • Our Packaging stated E Toys Technology Enterprise as the main distributor and showing our address in Malaysia while china stock stated as China. Make sure that the packaging printed with standardizes RM price tag.
    • Audio books inside the packaging are special selected and customized based on our next generation needs.
    • The product charger is 3 pin while China stock is 2 pin.
  • Will it be cheaper if I buy from China? If I buy the stock from China, is my pen under warranty?

    No. The packages are totally different and the price is considering much more worth it in Malaysia. We only give warranty to pen purchase from E Toys Technology Enterprise authorize dealer, agent and our website. Please take note that our packages and materials are specially selected and customized based on local needs such as Malay version books and local cultural materials. Some of the books may look similar from cover page but altered content by our company for matching the educational syllabus in Malaysia. You can only buy it from us.

  • How do I register the warranty after I buy the genuine one?

    All our touch reading pen comes with a serial number behind the pen which we keep track for warranty. Kindly register online from our home page or with your dealer after purchased.

  • Other touch reading pen like "M Brand" claims to read all books with CD that is brought from outside as; popular, MPH etc. Does your Super ET touch reading pen do that as well?

    Yes. Our touch reading pen can also do that. We can even teach you how to create your own educational material with or without CD.

  • Some brands of the touch reading pen claims they are from Taiwan or USA etc. Where are your products come from?

    We are a Hong Kong base company. With the technology from USA, we have own production line in China with stringent products control under 3C quality assurance. My SUPER ET touch reading pen is an electronic technology learning tool. Rest assured that our touch reading pen is Class A in the field of technology production.

  • Why should I buy My Super ET / Haoxuebao touch reading pen compare with others brands?

    • We are the most popular touch reading pen in Malaysia for the past 5 years. And we always update and develop new products in order to serve the needs.
    • Best after sales service with Local Servicing.
    • Plenty of books (locally and overseas)
    • We are the Only company come out with local education syllabus based on the National Pre-school Curriculum, Ministry of Education Malaysia.
    • We are the Only Company to have over 50 service points all over Malaysia and still increasing, in order to serve you better for your convenience.
  • How can I upgrade/ download my pen’s sound files after I buy the new books from your company?

    You may directly download the sound file from our online books store. What you need to do is to find out the item that you purchased, click the particular download link then save file into your pen or computer.

  • What can I do if your company comes out with new pen and product functions?

    You may trade in your used pen for a new one with a reasonable price. Kindly call our service hotline: 07-4678303 to check out your pen’s version, we will provide you further information based on your needs and assist you in the trade in procedures.

  • There are so many products and categories, how would I know which products suits my children? The product suitable for what age group?

    Our products are specially designed to focus on language learning and development for children. The reasons we use book is to cultivate their interest in learning and reading with books. It can be start from infant (0 year old) to any levels depends on the particular person. It is also good for those Hyperactive and Autism kids as it were develop to build up and stimulate the whole brain development. Basically, it does not have any limit to age; even Adults or the Old Generation who like to have self development can use it as an enhancement for particular knowledge.

  • Is it safe for my kids? Need any battery to operate?

    My SUPER ET & Haoxuebao touch reading pen is 100% environmental friendly. We use embedded Li- Battery from Japan which even safe to the plant, it is built in and rechargeable. Our products all produced with non-toxic and non-radioactive materials for safety purpose, even the paper that we use can protect your babies’ eyes from tiring reading. We care about your precious one as we know that is your concern.

  • What if the pen drops on the floor? Will it be spoilt easily?

    Do not worry! Our product is very durable and is produce with anti-drop materials. It will not be easily spoilt if drop. It is not a toy; it is a durable technology tool just like handphone. Besides, we offer one year warranty for all the pens from our stock and we do provide reasonable service charge if your pen is out of warranty period.

  • What should I take care when using this product?

    Since it is made from electronic materials, you should avoid the water just like any other electronic products at your home. You may refer to our user manual for any troubleshooting cases. Basically, it is user friendly and easy to bring out. With MY SUPER ET, your child can do learning at anywhere in anytime.

*Note :
For any other enquiries;
You may seek help from our consultant through our online chatting box from our homepage or choose to leave us a message in Contact Us site; we will reply you as soon as possible. TQ for choosing MY SUPER ET, wishing you and children a pleasant learning journey!